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Introduction to the Issue

Welcome to the inaugural online issue of American Foreign Policy magazine- Princeton’s only undergraduate foreign affairs publication. Founded in 2001, AFP has provided a forum for undergraduates to debate policy decisions facing the United States today, and to analyze how current events today will shape the geopolitical landscape of tomorrow.

On our front page, and equally under the “Featured” section, you will find articles ranging from Chinese-Vatican relations and Chinese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) along the Silk Road, by Maggie Baughman ‘21 and Kisara Moore ‘22, respectively, to a media analysis on Kazakh alphabet reform by Leora Eisenberg ‘20. Many of these pieces reflect similar, underlying questions- how has American isolationism emboldened or affected other powers, or prompted realignments among smaller states? If globalism is needed to solve our most pressing collective action problems, what are some consequences of today’s “anti-globalism” in politics? Read Ben Gelman ‘22’s piece on climate change, and find out.

After years of print editions, a year-long hiatus, and then a print re-launch in Winter/Spring 2018, we are proud to announce our new website, gratefully hosted by Princeton University. We hope to offer future seasonal and even monthly editions on the world, so please stay tuned for more!

We look forward to growing the undergraduate foreign policy community at Princeton, and beyond. Our social media pages are also back in action, and ready to join the conversation.

For inquiries, interest in writing for us, or other points of collaboration (particularly intra-Princeton or inter-collegiate), please contact us at

A sincere thank you to Jason Wee, who resurrected AFP last spring!


Nicole Don,